Dreams' Creation Tools Explored in New Gameplay Demo

By Sam Quirke,
Media Molecule's ambitious animation and game design simulator Dreams only got an obscure passing mention during Sony's E3 briefing, its characters and animations acting as curious intervals between Sony's big announcements. Luckily for those intrigued by the team's unusual project, the studio brought a live gameplay demo to the E3 show floor itself and presented it on the PlayStation stage.

In the above gameplay demo we see a crazy amount of detailed customisation options. Mark Healey started by using a template environment sourced from the community hub, and then cloned a community-created tree multiple times to create an Ent-like monster. Mark goes on to add several details to his design, from hand-crafted glowing red eyes to a health modifier to ensure the enemy deals damage to the player character. He imported his own voice for the monster's growl and added music to the level using a pretty comprehensive suite of tracks once again sourced from the community hub, which can be tweaked almost infinitely to create your own tunes. Although you can share any of your creations with the community instantly through the hub, you can also make your creations the prize at the end of a level should someone manage to reach it. It's honestly worth a watch just to see how complex yet intuitive the game looks like it can be.

A handful of artwork appeared for the game as well — it's not necessarily representative of what you can do in the game, but it illustrates the dreamy aesthetic Media Molecule are going for overall.

Dreams isn't yet ready for a release date, but we know it's headed to PlayStation 4 when Media Molecule are ready to set it free.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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