NBA LIVE 19 Screens are Very Balling

By Kevin Tavore,
Everyone loves a good ol' game of b-ball. It can be great fun simply to go hooping with your pals. That's what NBA LIVE 19 is all about really, except you do it with the best of them. Want to lead the Cavs to yet another set of rings? You can do it if you're skilled enough — the Warlords won't know what hit'em. Want to test out whether LeBron James is better than a created player named Michael Jordan? You can do that too. At its core, NBA LIVE lets you live out your your dreams, so you can lead the powerhouse Lakers to the finals with your deep threat that can't stop dunkin the rock.

Go hard in the paint on September 7th.

We've got the full list of NBA LIVE 19 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
Purveyor of news articles and the occasional walkthrough or op-ed. The American equivalent of Aristotle. Likes almost all genres but has an unhealthy aversion to exploration and puzzles. Nicest place he'd never want to go? Japan.
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