Dead by Daylight Update Introduces New Chapter, Economy and Tutorials

By Kelly Packard, 8 months ago
After announcing the new "Curtain Call" content last month, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive officially released the DLC, which comes with a new patch as well, today on PC. "Curtain Call" includes a new survivor, killer and map, and Behaviour has also overhauled the game's economy and added two new tutorials to better introduce beginners to the game.

The "Curtain Call" chapter includes The Clown, a new killer; Kate Denson, a new survivor; and the Father Campbell's Church map. The DLC will cost US$6.99 or regional equivalent.

An update has also overhauled Dead by Daylight's economy, adding a way for players to earn characters instead of only being able to purchase them. The economy is "based on four pillars":

  • One Community: Maps will always be free, so the playerbase will never be segmented
  • Original Dead by Daylight characters can be earned: the community can now choose between earning or buying new content.
  • All in with cosmetic items: players can now personalize their character, adding to their experience
  • Transparency: Microtransactions will help support new content development.
Lastly, the update adds new tutorials to introduce players to the roles of survivor and killer. The tutorials "have been designed to provide new players with an introduction to the basic mechanics of the game and to learn many of the skills required to play Dead by Daylight effectively, but in a safe, low-stress environment."

Dead by Daylight

The DLC and update are live now on PC and will release soon for consoles.

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