SMITE Patch 5.10 Adds Medusa's Deathmatch

By Kelly Packard, 8 months ago
In the chaos of E3 week, some developers are just trying to bring you their regularly scheduled content. Hi-Rez Studios is one of them, having just released SMITE patch 5.10: Medusa's Deathmatch for consoles. The major addition is the patch's namesake, Medusa's Deathmatch, which is a new Adventure mode that lets players focus solely on eliminations instead of traditional MOBA objectives. The usual array of new cosmetics, bug fixes and balance changes is here too.

The rules are simple: eliminate all the other enemies to win the round. Medusa's Deathmatch is SMITE's first mode that allows a third team, and the format is 3v3v3. The first team to win three rounds wins the match. There is also a sandstorm that kicks up now and then and will have to be avoided.

Like the other Adventures, Medusa's Deathmatch is free to play but includes a bundle with cosmetics and the ability to earn more points in the mode. The points for completing and winning matches can be put toward additional rewards.

  • Queen Cobra Medusa
  • Medusa’s Deathmatch Ward Skin
  • Medusa’s Deathmatch Jump Stamp
  • 3 Day Booster
  • 2x Death Scrolls on games played
  • Gold Key
In addition to the Queen Cobra Medusa skin included with the bundle, skins added include Galactic Void Chernobog, Crystal Colossus Ymir, Polar Vortex Kukulkan, Star Trooper Achilles, and Violet Lord Thor.

To see the full patch notes, with all the bug fixes, balance changes and more, head over to the official site here.

Medusa's Deathmatch is live now for SMITE console.

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