Trials Rising Announced at E3 With Damage and Destruction

By Rebecca Smith,
It's been four years since we last got to break bones and bikes in a Trials game from Ubisoft RedLynx. Next year, the franchise returns in the form of Trials Rising, and RedLynx has teamed up with Ubisoft Kiev to create a game that's bigger and better than before. In typical Ubisoft style, the game's director took to the stage in full bike leathers having tried to demonstrate the game's bone-breaking functionality in real life by "falling" into a conveniently placed display unit.

Players will take on tracks set in real-world locations, but it wouldn't be Trials if there wasn't some sort of creative twist involved. There will be contract challenges available from in-game sponsors and completing these will allow players to rise up the ranks and claim Trials glory. Like previously, players can customise the appearance of their riders and bikes, and creations can be shared with the Trials community. If your design is used by other players, you'll receive unspecified rewards.

In this title, players will never ride alone and will always have competition, whether it's competing for a spot on the leaderboards, competing against other players' ghosts, or competing directly against up to seven other riders in local and online multiplayer. There's also a new game mode, Tandem Bike, where two players control the same bike and try to complete the tracks together.

If you want to try the game out before it's released, you can register for the closed beta here. If you're already sold on the game, anybody who pre-orders the title will get the "Jungle Rider" and "Wild West Rider" customisation packs. As well as the standard edition of the game, there will be a Gold Edition that includes an expansion pass alongside the base game. The pass will include "two major DLCs and in-game items", although there are no details on any of these yet.

Trials Rising will be released in February 2019.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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