Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Trailers, DLC Plans, and Release Date

By Ashley Woodcock,
After being showcased during the Microsoft E3 Conference, we knew we'd be in for more content from Massive Entertainment's Tom Clancy's The Division 2. At this year's Ubisoft E3 Conference, we witnessed a cinematic trailer, a gameplay trailer, and learned some key details on the game, including the DLC plan so far for Year One and the game's release date.

TCTD2 Screens

Starting with the cinematic trailer, we see a young girl playing in what looks to be a lovely garden. The scene slowly changes, however, and progresses from what may have been a healthy, lush and green garden, to the now litter-riddled, criminal-filled, overgrown streets of Washington D.C.

Then we had the gameplay trailer. After a few shots of the different areas in Washington, several Division Agents attempt to take on what looks to be a Juggernaut kind of enemy wielding a Grenade Launcher. Check it out and enjoy as we get to see the game's combat in action:

Packed with single player, co-op and PvP, The Division 2 will come with plenty of different ways to customise your agent with weapons, gear and skills. The skills include the following so far:

Assault Drone - An unmanned device that can be controlled remotely and sent to unleash a special brand of hell on unwitting enemies.

Chem Launcher - The Chem Launcher shoots various chemicals that disperse upon impact. Its effects vary, from explosive vapors and corrosive acids to repairing nano bots – choose wisely and neutralize any situation.

Hive - While primarily a defensive tool, the offensive version is called the "Wasp Hive," where small drones are launched to cause devastating effects to targets within an area.

Seeker Mine - Once activated, this mine locks onto the closest enemy target in range and rolls along the ground in their direction, detonating when it gets close enough.
A part of Tom Clancy's The Division that was a bit hit and miss for gamers was the End Game. The End Game for The Division 2 will be brand new and packed with added challenges, game modes, high-end rewards, and new ways to play and continue to upgrade your Agent. Once an Agent reaches level 30, the Agent will then be able to activate one of several specializations. Each of these will unlock a unique signature weapon as well as additional skills.

You can be a Survivalist, who takes control of their surroundings with the aid of traps and status effects. These guys come with the precision crossbow as their signature weapon, so deadly aim and a bit of patience may be required here to take down a target with one killing blow.

The Demolitionists aren't concerned with the stealthy approach. It's all about chaos and madness with these guys, and the joys of being loud and proud can be made easier with the signature weapon of choice being the grenade launcher.

Last but not least, there's the Sharpshooters. As you can expect, these guys concentrate on long-range battles and have the ability to take out their targets without them even knowing... before it's too late. Unsurprisingly, a powerful sniper rifle will be the Sharpshooter's signature weapon.

Details are non-existent at the minute for the Dark Zone in The Division 2, but it will be present again in a fully-revamped offering. Other PvP options will also be included, but details on what these are exactly are yet to be announced. If teamwork's more for you, outside of the regular co-op, Raids have been announced where up to eight players can take on challenging missions for the ultimate test of co-operation, teamwork, and communication.

There will be plenty of content on offer in the game on Day One, but Massive will be supporting the game post-launch with a year's worth of story-driven missions, map expansions, and new modes all for free. If that's not enough, there will be an optional premium pass available for purchase that will give you access to one year of exclusive add-ons.

Massive will be providing gamers with an opportunity to give the game a try before its release next year with the announcement of a beta for the title. There's no release window or date yet for the beta, but you sign up right here.

The Division 2 now has a release date of March 15th, 2019.

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