Escape Room Horror Puzzler The Initiate: The First Interviews Announced

By Chewie,
Deceptive Games has announced a follow up to their 2017 PC title The Initiate, which will also be arriving on consoles. Like the original, The Initiate: The First Interviews is an escape room style puzzle adventure with a horror theme in which players must think logically and carefully to escape or die.

Three strangers — a mother who's recently lost her child, an alcoholic whose wife died in a car accident, and an author and professor who's facing a spiralling depression — must work together to escape after awaking in adjacent cells.

As with the first game, there will also be an augmented reality component to the title that will take players into a world of puzzles outside of the game itself.

The Initiate: The First Interviews doesn't yet have a release date.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the The Initiate: The First Interviews trophies.
Written by Chewie
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