Days Gone Introduces Freakish Foes in Release Date Trailer

By Sam Quirke,
Last E3, Bend Studios brought along a whole bunch of details for their upcoming post-apocalyptic title Days Gone, including an on-stage demo of their latest gameplay. Since then, the PlayStation hype machine has been dominated by household names like Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II, but ahead of E3, Sony has given Days Gone a little space of its own to make an important announcement: we'll be riding into this dangerous, freakish world in February 2019.

The trailer above shows more than just the release date; it also features a bunch of new gameplay, some of which Bend Studio expanded on in PlayStation Blog today. Most striking are the infected ravens and prowling cougars that can crop up to make your dealings with the locals even more fraught. Those locals aren't just your regular post-apocalyptic brain-munchers and survivalists either. The trailer introduces the Rest In Peace cult, a group zealously worshipping the deadly Freakers and destroying anyone who disagrees with them. That might makes things more dangerous for you, but there's a chance you can use it to your advantage: if you bring a swarm of Freakers into a Ripper compound, they will refuse to kill the ones they worship and you can turn the ensuring carnage into an opportunity.

We received more details on some unconventional characters Deacon will encounter too. From his tattoos, "Boozer" Gray looks to be a member of the same MC as our protagonist, while a former prison matron, Ada Tucker, now runs the Hotsprings survivor compound. We've been promised more information very soon too — Bend Studio is bringing the game to E3 with even more gameplay to explore.

Days Gone is headed to PlayStation 4 on February 22nd, 2019.

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Sam Quirke
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