Sony Conference - E3 2018

This live stream's finished, but you can see everything posted below
If you missed Sony's PlayStation E3 press conference, you can watch the stream and read our live blog below, which includes all the trailers from the show.

Just over an hour until the PlayStation press conference. What are you hoping to see?

The PlayStation press conference is about to begin.

Let's hope we get a few surprises.

Shawn Layden takes to the stage first. It's an interesting location for the PlayStation press conference this year.

Taking the opposite approach to Bethesda's face-melting Andrew WK performance, we're beginning with some solo banjo.

Here comes the first game. The setting for the Sony press conference and the banjo playing is beginning to make a bit more sense now.

It's The Last of Us Part II.

That escalated quickly. We went from dancing in a church to slitting peoples throats.

The game looks as beautiful as you'd expect though.

We're onto an intermission now, while the audience is moved to the next location.

New Game + mode is coming to God of War.

During the "short intermission," we're being shown a new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Pre-order access to Back in Black maps.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is coming to PlayStation Plus tonight.

Moving on to a trailer for Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion. Coming on September 4th.

OK. It looks like we're onto our next location now and we're being treated to some more music.

The music has stopped and the next trailer is rolling. No indication what the game is yet, but we're guessing it is for Ghost of Tsushima.

It was Ghost of Tsushima, developed by Sucker Punch who are better known for their work on Infamous.

Visually the game looked stunning.

The next trailer is up. Not sure what it is yet, but getting some Quantum Break vibes from what we saw.

The Game is called Control and is developed by Remedy, who did indeed make Quantum Break.

Next trailer is up, it's Resident Evil 2!

Coming January 25th, 2019.

Squanch Games now. Very different looking game than the trailers we've seen so far.

Trover Saves the Universe. It looked erm... different.

KINGDOM HEARTS III is making its third appearance of E3.

A different trailer from the one shown in the Xbox and Square Enix press conferences.

There's going to be a limited edition KINGDOM HEARTS III PlayStation 4 Pro.

External image

Moving swiftly on to DEATH STRANDING, and we're seeing some gameplay this time around.

Here we go. It's time for Spider-Man!

Spider-Man looks so good. Not long to wait now before we can get our hands on it though.

And that brings the PlayStation press conference to a close. What did we make of that then?

I don't think the "short intermission" that took around about 10 minutes did them any favours.