Poll: What's Your Most Anticipated June 2018 Release?

By Mark Delaney,
Happy Friday TT! Last week's poll focused on the news that a new PlayStation console is not planned to release before 2021 at the earliest. How did our community take that news? Well, most people said 2021 feels about right (44.29%) while another 36% said that still feels too soon. Certainly many of us aren't always so ready and willing to shell out another $400+ before we really feel ready to do so, though it should be noted 7% of voters actually wish the PS5 would come sooner.


This week's poll continues a recent tradition of looking at the month ahead for new releases. June used to be a quiet month for games, but nowadays there really isn't a quiet month anymore. The next few weeks offer several high profile games from Dontnod's new vampire RPG to two different arcade racers and several more. Which game, if any, has you most excited?
What's your most anticipated new release for June 2018?
  • Far Cry 3 Classic Edition10.39% (8)
  • Jurassic World Evolution10.39% (8)
  • LEGO The Incredibles9.09% (7)
  • ONRUSH10.39% (8)
  • The Crew 27.79% (6)
  • Vampyr31.17% (24)
  • Other3.9% (3)
  • None16.88% (13)
We've had 77 responses.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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