Vampyr Shows 55 Minutes of Gameplay

By Rebecca Smith,
Dontnod Entertainment's next title will be released in less than two weeks. To prepare gamers for the choices the action-RPG will offer, the developer took to Twitch to showcase nearly an hour of gameplay.

Vampyr_duality 2

The stream kicks off around six hours into the game's story. Players can kill or spare any of the London residents, and each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Using his talents as a doctor, the game's protagonist Jonathan Reid can cure people by conducting experiments and crafting medicines. Doing this not only improves the life of the person he's assisted, it also improves the quality of life for the whole district. However, as a vampire, he needs to drink blood to become more powerful. The healthier a citizen, the better power boost their blood provides. The balance between life and death is the key to keeping districts alive.

The game has four districts that each has their own health gauge affected by the number of citizens who are dead, ill or healthy. If the gauge is low, shop prices increase, citizens get sick and their quality of life deteriorates. If it reaches critical, the district is lost, so all shops, side quests and regular inhabitants are gone permanently, replaced by enemies. If all four districts fall, all is not lost — players can still complete the game, but bear in mind the game will reward them with "the ending they deserve".

The stream begins with a trailer at 12:20, before going straight into the gameplay at 15:54.

Vampyr will be released on June 5th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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