6 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Play EVERSPACE

By Rich Stone,
EVERSPACE is everything serious space sims aren’t: immediate, accessible, and arcadey. It presents the dream of zipping through the blackness, firing lasers as you go, and all without having to worry about the coolant level of your spaceship. It’s also a roguelike, and in the spirit of the genre, it’s getting better over time. If you’re new to EVERSPACE, or have decided to start afresh on PlayStation 4 after the game's release on PC and Xbox last year, you’ll want to hop into the cockpit to try the game and its "Encounters" expansion.

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A New Way to Ride

"Encounters" introduced a new ship in the form of the Colonial Sentinel, which evokes Alien in both its name and its chunky ‘70s contours. Truly, this is the Pontiac Firebird of the void — though its equipment is far beyond anything Earth’s car manufacturers ever dared to dream up.

The Sentinel comes with a suite of electronic doodahs — an EMP generator used to stun enemies, and perks for fast-hacking security doors, comm hubs, and jump suppressors. Stuffed with more unusual technology than Knight Rider’s KITT, it’s a brand new way to return to EVERSPACE — or meet its challenges for the first time.

Meet Space Oddities and Befriend Them

EVERSPACE is rare among roguelikes for its storytelling, partly inspired by the over-and-over antics of Edge of Tomorrow. While you won’t see the planetary personality of Tom Cruise looming over the asteroids as he does on film posters, you will meet characters from "Encounters"’ five expansion questlines, all of whom have proper human motivations and agendas.

A French-accented robot bounty hunter who would really rather be making things than destroying them? They might sound like something out of a space sketch show, but that’s just one of the potential new chums awaiting you between the stars.

Play with Plasma

We’ve all wanted to barrage multiple foes at once with projectile weapons. It might be a desire we’ve only voiced to our closest, French-accented friends, and even then only in low whispers late at night. But EVERSPACE knows our needs, so "Encounters" provides the Seeker Missile Battery for just that purpose.

It’s one of six new primary and secondary weapons found in the expansion, which also offers Lightning Guns and Plasma Throwers. Which, of course, you want. Lightning Guns. Plasma Throwers. This is why we play video games.

New Tools of Bamboozlement

What do you do when you’ve lost all integrity? Shelve your plans for changing your name and moving into a 4x4 metre storage space for now: we’re strictly talking hull integrity. "Encounters" introduces the Emergency Shield for just those occasions, as well as a Decoy Generator designed to bamboozle your enemies.

Sneakier still — though so subtle you might not notice it — is the Damage Converter, which recycles a portion of incoming pain into energy you can then use to get out of your predicament. All in all, "Encounters" increases your odds of survivability if you use the right tools, which is exactly what you want from a roguelike.

A Place to Lie Low and Spruce Up

As a mortal in the cruel roguelike that is life, you’re probably into staving off the inevitable. That’s what EVERSPACE’s Factory Space Stations are designed for. Added in the expansion, they’re a place to refine and convert resources, upgrade your ship’s capabilities, or fix minor damage for free. It’s the best way to pretend you don’t know exactly how your run is going to end — with a flaming wreckage and major repairs to your ego.


EVERSPACE releases with 26 trophies, while "Encounters" adds eight more trophies, bringing the game’s total to 34. Among those is a reward for maxing out the perks of the Sentinel — but Gooey Mess promises the most entertainment value. To complete that one, you’ll need to find the flubber-like organism known as the Green Goo and feed it until it bursts. Honestly, have we learned nothing from the fate of Mr. Creosote? Perhaps they don’t have Monty Python reruns on the Green Goo homeworld.

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