Get To Know The Cast Of Detective Gallo

By Dog_of_Thunder,
Hand-animated and hand-illustrated, the colorful world of Detective Gallo was recently the victim of a multiple plant homicide. After a wealthy billionaire puts up a reward for cracking the case, Detective Gallo puts his super sleuth skills, grumpy attitude and his entire beak into getting to the bottom of the floracide. Today we're introduced to Phil Cloro, the wealthy billionaire, and Sugar Bop, the cloying sweet candy vendor.

Anxious, paranoid and a hypochondriac, Phil Cloro spends all the days of his (otherwise boring) life as a multi-billionaire plant lover taking care of his beloved vegetable treasures. He cherishes plants more than himself, firmly believing that the plant kingdom is superior to everything else (and to him, most of all). Phil constantly lives close to nature because his home, Greenhouse Mansion, is completely organic. His only reasons for breathing are his treasures, and his treasures only breathe thanks to his intensive care, full of maniacal affection. What plant wouldn’t dream a life like this?

Sugar in its purest form. More cloying than the sweets she sells in the Knives District, Candy has a thing for Gallo. She often compares him to a pepper meringue in the hot chocolate of his life, a metaphor the detective considers a sign of depression caused by eating disorder. Every night Candy risks her life by staying in her sweets stand; anything to be near Gallo’s office. And he, armed with his usual cynicism, does everything he can to reject Candy’s sickening attention. But there’s nothing to do. The detective’s badass attitude just makes him more unreachable and desirable in Candy Bop’s eyes.

Detective Gallo currently has no release date but it is expected to be available for the PlayStation 4 later this year. You can look forward to more character profiles as we meet more of the cast in the weeks leading up to release.

We've got the full list of Detective Gallo trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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