DC Universe Online Celebrates Superman's 80th Anniversary

By Rebecca Smith,
I envy superheroes. Despite celebrating his 80th anniversary last month, Superman looks far better than I will ever do at that age. DC Universe Online (PS4) is not one to miss the chance for a party, and the game has released the first of three content drops to celebrate the hero's significant milestone. However, somebody ought to warn Superman as soon as possible, because something titled "The Death of Superman: Part I" is never going to end well for him.

Death of Superman Part I

In "The Death of Superman: Part I", Doomsday has returned to Metropolis. He's here to cause mayhem and unleash a deadly plague throughout the city's citizens. Superman is already doing his best, but now Supergirl has called upon your support to contain the infection. The new content includes a new section of the open world city, as well as new daily missions and weekly bounties that can be tracked in your Journal under Doomed Metropolis (Part 1). Players need to be a minimum level of 10 to be able to access the content.

You'll be able to earn new feats, new collections and new Lobo-inspired gear. For example, completing the Doomed Metropolis (Part 1) pointer mission will reward players a new Artifact: the Omegahedron. More details on the rewards are below:

New Styles and More!

  • Unlock a new style-only gear set inspired by Lobo, everyone’s favorite interstellar bounty hunter!
    • Look for the "Scourge" styles on the vendor for Tributes.
  • Discover two new collections for a title and new Doomsday Aura.
  • Find new Death of Superman-inspired base items.
Daybreak Games plans to continue to celebrate the hero with two more content drops planned for next month. For now, you can try not to kill off the character in the first part right now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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