Boss Key Productions Closes Its Doors

By Dog_of_Thunder, 8 months ago
Cliff Bleszinski officially announced the closure of Boss Key Productions on Twitter. His full statement can be read below:

While we don't have the full picture as to how LawBreakers performed, using data from TrueTrophies and Steam Charts provides some context. Here on TrueTrophies we only have 341 tracked gamers that unlocked even just one trophy. Steam Charts, which tracked PC players, tells us that the highest concurrent player count of all time was 7,482 players in June 2017. Looking at the achievement data from TrueSteamAchievements shows us only 90 registered users were being tracked for Lawbreakers.

Boss Key Productions released another PC title in the past two months, the aforementioned Radical Heights, a take on the popular 100 player battleground genre with a healthy dose of mid-90's "extreme" attitude. Rushed out the door in an alpha state, Radical Heights did not crack into the gaming market in a way needed for Boss Key Productions to keep the lights on.

Unlike the closure of other studios with a high-profile founder, for example 38 Studios, there is no great scandal behind Boss Key Productions — just the simple tale of a game that failed to sell. While it has not been explicitly mentioned in the past few days, we can possibly assume that the Lawbreakers servers will be going down sooner rather than later.

When CliffyB makes his return to the gaming industry, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, we here at TrueTrophies wish the team at Boss Key Productions the best of luck in the future.

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