SMITE Patch Live With First Slavic God Chernobog

By Kelly Packard, 8 months ago
Normally, SMITE console players have to wait a week after the PC patch for the console versions to be updated, but with patch 5.8, which is available now, PC and console got a simultaneous launch. Patch 5.8: Lord of Darkness is the official entry of the Slavic pantheon to SMITE, which had been announced along with the Voodoo pantheon at the Hi-Rez Expo.

Chernobog is the first Slavic god. For a limited time, to ring in the new pantheon, players can purchase Chernobog and his voice pack for only one favor (SMITE's in-game currency) each. Chernobog is a Hunter who can hide in walls and summon shadows on his enemies from across the map with his ultimate ability. Chernobog has been added with his default skin, recolor and mastery skins.

In addition to Chernobog, Hi-Rez has begun a new event called Divine Uprising. The event is pantheon-focused due to the launch of the new Slavic pantheon, and the event, which spans eight patches, culminates in a Tier 5 Bellona skin. There have also been new skins rotated into the Fantasy Points Store, a tutorial update, other assorted new cosmetics, and the usual array of god and item balance changes. See SMITE's official site for the full patch notes.

There were also a few bug fixes exclusive to the console versions:

  • Fixed an issue that would leave a player unable to queue after spectating a match
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing a skin during God select would cause the skin card to appear over your UI
  • Fixed an issue where the Triumphant Chest UI would not function properly after queuing for a match
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to accept a match queue in some circumstanses
  • Fixed an issue where the “Controller Disconnected” message would appear behind the match ready pop up

The patch is live now for SMITE.

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