Horror Adventure Title NightCry Coming To Vita This Year

By Dog_of_Thunder, 8 months ago
NightCry (Vita) was originally announced as a successful Kickstarter stretch goal over three years ago. After a PC launch on March 29th of 2016, NightCry will be terrifying PlayStation Vita owners later this year. While we don't have a date beyond "2018", we do know the price: $24.99.

To help whet your appetite for the upcoming terror, here are profiles for three of the main characters:

Monica Flores: A 21 year old student. She is out-going and has a lot of friends, but no "best friends." She suffers from mood-swings, and is easily influenced by passing trends. She and Rooney Simpson don’t get along, likely because they’re polar opposites. She comes from an impoverished background, the eldest daughter of 7 siblings. She attends college by working part-time as a janitor and as a waitress. Her dream is to fall in love with a celebrity, and she hopes to accomplish that during the cruise.

Leonard Cosgrove: A British-born cultural anthropologist of 55 years, Leonard is escorting the heroine(s) and her friends aboard the cruise. He’s hands-on, logical, and interested in occult phenomenon from an anthropologist's point of view, but has managed to get to the bottom of and debunk several occult deceptions. In his heart of hearts, he is actually a romantic and occult fanatic. He wants nothing more than to one day encounter an honest-to-goodness supernatural phenomenon that he’s unable to demystify.

Rooney Simpson: A 22 year old student. She’s introverted, serious to a fault, and dislikes standing out. Her grades are relatively high. Rooney largely lost the will to live and became fixed on the notion of suicide following an incident in her past. Her schoolmates make fun of her, calling her glum and stale, and she gets the sense that she doesn’t belong in the group. Her parents divorced while she was still young. Neither accepted her, so she lived with her distant relative Leonard.
This particular Newshound will not be playing NightCry as I am a big baby that tried once, once, to play Clock Tower on the original PlayStation. Are any of the TT Community planning to brave the luxury cruise liner of NightCry when it's released later this year?

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