Loadout Server Closure Announced

By Kelly Packard, 8 months ago
Developer Edge of Reality has announced a server closure for their 2014 third-person shooter, Loadout. With Loadout's online focus, the server shutdown also means the end of life for the game, including the discontinuation of all of its trophies.


The developer cited three reasons for the shutdown: Loadout's cloud service provider discontinuing an old product, new General Data Protection Regulation legislation — which Hitman: Absolution developer IO Interactive also cited for its upcoming server closure — and rising costs in the industry in general without Loadout's revenue increasing.

Over nine million people have played Loadout since its launch, and Edge of Reality CEO Rob Cohen is "deeply grateful to all you players who contributed your time, energy, creativity, and feedback."

Loadout servers officially close May 24th. Unfortunately for anyone wishing to try the title before it is gone forever, Loadout has already been removed from the PlayStation store.
Credit for this story goes to Tiawyn
Kelly Packard
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