What's On Your E3 2018 Wishlist?

By Mark Delaney,
For forward-thinking gamers, the next month will probably feel like a drag. The anticipation of E3 can be hard to navigate, like the few weeks before your birthday as a kid. Sure, some have become less enthusiastic lately thanks to a number of reasons — becoming disillusioned by modern gaming tactics at the forefront — but for those of us that do still look forward to E3 annually, the next month is the best time to play what-if.

With that in mind, Will, Andrew, and I compiled a few of our E3 wishlists items. For now, we've tried to keep them realistic (no Witcher 4 or GTA VI, for example), but we can't stop you from getting wacky with it if you want to. Let us know what makes up your E3 dreams.

A Peek Behind Rocksteady's Curtain

Batman Nightwing Robin

It’s been three years since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight and fans have been wondering — what have the developers been up to? Fans (like myself) have been speculating what Rocksteady’s next release would be for a while now and I’m 95% sure (okay, maybe just hopeful) we’ll get a proper reveal at E3 this year. In case you didn’t know, huge rumors surfaced on 4chan earlier this month claiming that Rocksteady’s next release will be focused on Superman. The thread lists interesting possibilities for this rumored title. Promises of the game running on the Unreal Engine 4, a huge open world Metropolis, and being set in the Arkhamverse are other enticing bullet points. Seeing that titles in the Arkham series featured multiple easter eggs and references to the Man of Steel, I personally would love for a fraction of these claims to be true. Given the timeframe, it seems appropriate for the developers to release at least a teaser trailer at E3.

These Iconic Green Goggles

splinter cell

It's starting to feel like a worst kept secret that Splinter Cell will make a much-anticipated return this year as one of Ubisoft's token surprise games. There still hasn't yet been a leak that fans like me can really look to and exhale with relief that it's confirmed — though with four weeks to go there's still time for that. With Michael Ironside doing a cameo as Sam Fisher in Ubi's Wildlands, one could assume they didn't just bring him in for that. All signs point to one of Ubisoft's most treasured series finally making a comeback after five years away. Go green!

Less Can Be More


Naughty Dog and Sony have both expressed lots of excitement when talking about their upcoming showcase of The Last of Us Part II, but does anyone still need to be sold on this game? The same could be said for Spider-Man. Certain games, especially after we've seen them a few times already, need not keep showing up to these events. Sure, some gameplay for TLOU will be appreciated, but the studio's track record really speaks for itself. For some people, including me, less is more at these E3 events. I'm sold and ready, and now I'm on media blackout until these games hit my download queue. Ghost of Tsushima, on the other hand, now there's a game that can greatly benefit from a strong presentation next month.

A Release Date for Exodus

Metro Exodus

I was lucky enough to discover the world of Metro in its literary form before the games arrived and I was hooked from the start. The upcoming title extends that universe even further going beyond the books and I can't wait to dive back into the post-apocalyptic world. So please, give me a date that I can mark in my diary and book my ticket back ton the Moscow Underground.

More Surprises Than The Walmart Leak

17/12/12 Scorcher Heavy

As fun as the Walmart leak is for those who like E3 spoilers, I'm hoping it's not the only new titles we're getting. Without a single new IP mentioned on the list and most games shown in the image to be already announced or somewhat likely to arrive someday (RAGE 2 notwithstanding), I'm hoping, as I think many of us are, that E3 will bring more surprises than those already apparently spoiled. The best theory I've heard regarding the Walmart leak comes from Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, who said on the Game Informer Show that maybe the games listed are those that will be ready for pre-ordering after E3 presentations are complete and any other surprises won't come with that same stipulation. It makes sense to me and I'm hoping that's the case. We can't have the whole week spoiled when we're a month away.

What's on your E3 wishlist? Let us know in the comments!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark has been gaming for over two decades and writing for the TrueGaming Network since 2011. He greatly prefers single-player to online modes, but is always taking challengers in Rocket League and Madden. Aside from games, he loves sci-fi, NFL football (go Titans), and biking. He'll be disappointed when The Last of Us 2 is announced.