Full PlayStation Store Integration Including Price Tracking and Alerts

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
The PlayStation Store is a wonderful place to spend your hard-earned cash. It does, however, contain a huge amount of different game versions and consumables, and that can make it tricky to find the best value bundle or latest sale for the games that you are looking to purchase.

We are delighted to say that we have just made all of that considerably easier for you, as well as bringing you a lot of features that you won't find anywhere else!

Latest Products Page

Firstly, we have the Latest Products page. This will show you a full list of the content in the store, sorted by the most recently added.

Product ListingProduct Listing

If there are trophies attached to the product, we'll show you how many there are and how much total TT score they are worth. You can then see the price in your region (don't forget to set your Official Store Region here).

We'll also show the platforms on which you can play it, the type of content it is, and the average rating out of five from our members.

Product List FiltersProduct List Filters

Naturally, you can filter this list, either by typing into the search box or clicking the View and Filter button. From here you can choose the platforms, content types and even choose to see just content that is currently free (this is currently only for the US store, but EU and UK free content should be coming next week).

Product Details Page

Clicking on a product will take you through to the Product Details page where you can see loads of information about it, including the publisher, store description, when we found it and the last time we checked the prices.

Horizon Zero Dawn Product PageHorizon Zero Dawn Product Page

We'll also show the prices across all regions, with your region highlighted. You can click through to the store if you want to buy the item.

On the right-hand side, we'll show the trophies included with the content, separated into base game and DLC (including which are part of a title update).

Price Alerts

All this is pretty cool, but we've gone one step further — you can set up a Price Alert for your region. Just set a target price and you'll be notified as soon as the item drops below that price, or you can choose Any change to be notified whenever the item is included in any sale.

Once we detect that the product has dropped below your target price, we'll send you an email letting you know.

Price Alert EmailPrice Alert Email

PlayStation Sales Page

We've also made it easy to see exactly what content is currently on sale. Click on the Sales tab to view all the current sales:

Sales pageSales page

On here you'll see some additional columns showing the discount percentage, and the sale end date if we can find it.

Game Page Panels and Price Tab

We've integrated the pricing information into the hubs and game pages, including all bundles that feature the game and the price for each:

New Price PanelNew Price Panel

And there's also a handy Price tab on the game pages to take you straight to the appropriate product.

Mobile Friendly

We've made all of these page mobile friendly, so you can also check them all from the comfort of your phone:

Mobile friendlyMobile friendly

This site feature could not have been added without the hard work and dedication of the TrueTrophies Game Information Team.

If you would like to join the team, they are currently accepting applications. You can find out more here.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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Posted on 11 May 18 at 16:00
The Game Information team has been eagerly waiting for this to be released, and a lot of hard work was done behind the scenes to get a lot of this information tied together. Big thanks to the development team, and to our Game Information Team for the support in getting this rolled out. rock
Posted on 11 May 18 at 16:00
Now that is some good sh*t right there folks!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 16:14
This looks Epic!!!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 16:17
Woo! So glad to see these features hit TrueTrophies! clap
come join us at - https://discord.gg/bh2c78a (TrueGaming Network Discord)
Posted on 11 May 18 at 17:02
Oh wow, that's a lot of integration! The sales auto-updating especially awesome!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 17:25
Seriously, thank you so much for bringing this over here. I'm especially thankful for the sales page, as I start to build my giant backlog for this years Bean Dive dive
231,915 231,915 XP
Posted on 11 May 18 at 17:43
Excellent updates recently. Keep up the good work.
Walkthrough Assistant Manager. General all round nice guy
Posted on 11 May 18 at 17:51
This looks awesome, some great work, well done.
Posted on 11 May 18 at 18:57
What a great feature!!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 18:57
This is great i was going to forum and find out why didn't we have price tracker yet.

Good to see it has arrived. I will be using this.
Posted on 11 May 18 at 19:00
Truly remarkable work! It'll be good to browse on here to see prices and trophy options without navigating the clunky UI that is the store pages.
Posted on 11 May 18 at 19:55
I have a warm fizzy feeling from helping get this going, an excellent feature of TrueAchievements and so glad to have it at TrueTrophies now.

I'm off now to go set some price alerts!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 20:30
Awesome! I normally go to a different website for features like this, but now I can just do it easily all here on TrueTrophies! One less site I have to keep up with. This is great. Excellent work!
This Bloody Sky will reign.
Posted on 11 May 18 at 21:31
Great update. Glad to see it here on TT instead of just on TA. :)
Posted on 11 May 18 at 21:31
Good to see this finally up and running and even better still to see so many people are happy this is here! toast
Game Info/Genre Team Member. :D Enjoys the thrill of the GRP (Gold Rush Plat) and seeing Double (or more) Milestones in his Friend Feed!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 22:16
Thank you! This is a huge feature that I have been missing on here since I'm so used to it on True Achievements.
Posted on 11 May 18 at 22:17
I didn't imagine this was even possible... Bravo indeed.
This is where the cards live

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 11 May 18 at 23:06
Great update. I'm specifically interested in the price alerts. Excellent addition.
All base are belong to us!
Posted on 11 May 18 at 23:41
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