Legend of Raven Coming to Playstation 4 and Vita

By Cindy Minguez,
Nicalis, Inc., a publisher well-known for working with indie games and producers, is bringing its newest title to consoles. Say hello to their 2D fighter Legend of Raven.

The year was December 25th, 1926. Japan was on the verge of welcoming a new era...the era of "Koubun".

Instead a revolution broke out, led by those who hoped to revive the Land of the Gods, Japan, and return her to its former glory. The Prime Minister's cabinet, the police department, the Zaibatsu families, the mass media...the flow of information to the outside world was immediately suppressed.

Out of options, the old government resorted to creating a group of elite assassins, called the "Yatagarasu" in order to maintain order and suppress the rebellion.

These government agents have become known as the "Government's Dogs" by the general populace. Now, they are on the move towards "Iga-sei", which is said to still function as the government's intelligence hub.

-- Featuring Eight exquisitely, hand-animated characters by King of Fighters artist, Kotani Tomoyuki

Every character features their own unique set of special attacks and super moves

-- Enhanced from the original
Featuring a new soundtrack, parallaxing backgrounds, ad-hoc versus play and more!

-- Innovative parry and damage mitigation systems allows for a multitude of defensive options
Execute well-timed counter attacks to turn the tide of battle.

-- Flawless Local Play!
Battle nearby friends with lag-free ad hoc Versus mode!
In addition, Cross-Buy and Cross-Play are available between the PS4 and PS Vita formats via PSN. If you buy the game on one console, you can download it for free to the other.

Legend of Raven is expected for the PS4 and Vita sometime before the end of the year.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
Cindy is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds here at TT and has been writing for TA/TT for four years now. She's an English instructor at a small college and is considered a remarkably cool teacher for knowing all about Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Diablo III.