Top Five EGX Rezzed 2018 Games You Shouldn't Miss

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Over the last three weeks, we've introduced you to a total of 24 games that were at EGX Rezzed in April. It sounds like a lot, but in reality, it was just a small drop in the ocean of over 200 titles that were at the show. Of course, those titles covered all gaming platforms, including PC, consoles and mobile, so not all of them will be ones that we'll see in the future on TrueTrophies. However, of those that we haven't already highlighted, we've chosen the show's most standout titles that are definitely heading to PlayStation 4.

Honourable Mentions

Flipping Death


Penny Doewood has died, not that she knows how. She doesn't even want to believe it, yet here she is in the Otherside, talking to ghosts. She tries to ask Death for advice, but is left feeling even more confused when he mistakes her for the hired help, so while Death goes on holiday, Penny is left in control of the ghosts and all of their problems. It turns out death might be fun after all.

In this whimsical, humour-filled puzzle platformer, many of the ghosts have unfinished business in the land of the living. This isn't a problem, as players can collect lost souls and cash them in to possess any living human. Between the humans' bizarre and varied abilities, such as the ability to lick anything, or to attack others with a dentist's drill, players must use those talents to sort out the ghosts' problems, all while trying to solve the mystery of Penny's own death. If you like your games with a hefty dose of wacky humour and memorable characters, try out this title when it is released on PlayStation 4 this spring.

Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered

Lumines was originally released on PSP. While a spin-off title was also released on Xbox 360, this marks the first time the original title will appear on a big screen. 2x2 cubes are dropped into the board. The cubes consist of blocks of two colours, and players must rotate them as they fall to create 2x2 blocks of a single colour. However, blocks aren't removed immediately. A line pulses across the play area timed to the beat of the music, so you have the opportunity to add even more blocks to the combo for a bigger score before the line clears it. Once the board fills up, the game is over. Like all puzzle titles, the gameplay is easy to pick up but difficult to master, and you'll need quick reflexes to best your opponent. Having just suffered a recent delay, the game will now be released on PlayStation 4 on June 26th, so there's not long to wait now.

Top Five

5. Planet Alpha


This side-scrolling platformer puts players in the midst of a brightly coloured alien world, filled with mysterious flora and fauna that may or may not be friendly. At first, traversing the landscape is as simple as jumping the gaps between rocks and climbing up vine-covered walls. Later, when there is seemingly no way forward, you can manipulate the planet's day and night cycle so that new creatures and plants appear to help you. While some of those plants provide much needed platforms to reach a higher area, others will fall away. They can release pollen that can be harmful if it hits you, but it can also be used to destroy obstacles in your way. Use these characteristics to solve environmental puzzles, explore the world further and discover its secrets when it arrives on PlayStation 4 later this year.



Drawing inspiration from the Rollcage games, players must cause as much destruction as possible while they battle for first place in a race where all tactics are legitimate. If the track ahead is blocked, drive up the walls or across the ceiling to overtake. Alternatively, you can shoot them. You can also perform all kinds of stunts without fear of consequence seeing as your sturdy vehicle will seemingly always right itself without much loss to speed or time. While only the quick race mode was available at EGX Rezzed, the game will come with a campaign, as well as multiplayer tournaments when it is released later this year on PlayStation 4.

3. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

Arriving on the island of Portia, you've inherited your Pa's run down workshop and his Workshop Handbook, which contains blueprints for all of the items he knew how to make. Before you begin, though, you have to become a member of the Commerce Guild. Gather resources to create basic tools, join the guild, talk to the villagers and work your way towards improving your workshop. There are also dungeons that need exploring with relics and treasures to find, as well as enemies to be defeated. The game's cutesy appearance belies its hidden depth, with players needing to manage a number of factors that mean creating the best workshop in the town won't be an easy or quick task. You'll be able to make your Pa proud when the game comes to PlayStation 4 later this year.

2. Knights and Bikes


Nessa and Demelza are two children seeking adventures. In the 1980s, what better idea is there than to get on your bike and ride off to make your own entertainment. The duo is convinced that the adults are stopping them from exploring the scrapyard because there's something there that they don't want them to find. The resulting adventure sees the pair dig up hidden secrets, as well as some bizarre enemies — such as a posessed incinerator — that must be defeated using a combination of water bombs and frisbees. In the larger game, players will be able to interact with those pesky adults to gain new abilities before steering the ancient island "away from modern ruin". The title is coming to PlayStation 4 at some point in the future.

1. Dead Cells

Dead Cells screenshot

After watching a slimy blob morph into a headless resurrected hero, this rogue-lite procedurally generated Metroidvania title gives us the basic equipment before sending us out to hunt down and kill a keeper. We have three attempts to do so. Every time we die, not only are we sent back to the beginning, the layout of the castle we're exploring is completely different. Still, at least our upgrades and equipment carry over into our next attempt. In this game you can't throw caution to the wind, because then it ends badly. Instead, you'll need to master the "Souls-like" combat and learn from your mistakes. In the full version of the title, it won't be just one keeper you're hunting down either. The headless hero is hacking his way onto PlayStation 4 later this year — will you take on the challenge?

With so many games at the conference, it was impossible to see them all. If you were at the show, what other titles can you recommend? If you weren't there, are you going to be picking up any of the above games?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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