Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Free for Limited Time

By Rebecca Smith,
If you're one of those players who has played the Battlefield 1 base game but has yet to try any of the DLC content, now is your chance. From now until May 14th, players can download the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC for free from the PlayStation Store. The promotion coincides with the return of the Fire and Ice Operation Campaign, which is also available now.

Battlefield 1

By downloading the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC, players will gain free access to four more Western Front multiplayer maps, two more Operations, the Frontlines game mode, and more tanks and weapons. Like previous promotions, the DLC will be yours to keep once it has been "purchased" from the Marketplace.

The promotion runs at the same time as the Fire and Ice Operations Campaign, which has returned to the game for a limited period. Combining the Devil's Anvil and Brusilov Offensive Operations, players do battle across four of the multiplayer maps taken from the "They Shall Not Pass" and "In the Name of the Tsar" DLCs: Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux, Galicia, and Brusilov Keep. Upon completion of the operation, your score will go towards earning an Operations Battlepack that not only contains puzzle pieces for unique melee weapons that can't be found in regular battlepacks, but also increases your chances of getting Distinguished and Legendary Weapon and Vehicle Skins.

There are two new missions also running now. From now until May 5th, the first mission tasks players with taking ten dog tags. Meanwhile, from now until May 8th, the second mission gets players to perform ten kills while using explosives. Both of these missions give out a reward of 250 Scrap upon completion.

Finally, if modern combat is more your thing, players of Battlefield 4 also get to download one of the DLC expansions for free. From now until May 14th, the "Dragon's Teeth" expansion can be downloaded for free on PlayStation 4. As above, the DLC will be yours to keep once it has been "purchased" from the Marketplace. Unfortunately, this offer isn't valid for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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