Detroit: Become Human Celebrates Going Gold With Playable Demo

By Sam Quirke,
Quantic Dream's games have been divisive pretty much from the start, and even from reactions to its press conference trailers, it would seem that Detroit: Become Human could split opinions too. It's the kind of game that many might want to try before they buy, which is why today's announcement is very welcome. To celebrate the game going gold, Quantic has announced that a playable demo will be available from April 24th.

Markus 1

The demo features "Hostage", the very first scene of the game, and features Connor, one of the three playable protagonists. From the look of the above trailer, there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with the game's complex branching decision points. On top of that, the demo will also give Amazon Alexa users a taste of Detroit's integration with the service. You'll be able to call upon your friendly disembodied home helper to assist with investigations or explain why your decisions may have played out in the way that they did. The below video gives a little more detail on this extra feature.

Detroit: Become Human will arrive in full on May 25th.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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