Weekend Announcements April 13-15th: EGX Rezzed 2018 Special

By Rebecca Smith,
This weekend, we attended EGX Rezzed 2018. Over 200 games were at the show, many of which we've seen before in some form. We'll be endeavouring to bring you hands on previews with several of those titles over the coming days, but in the meantime, there are 12 titles that were at the show that may be coming to consoles in the future and we've never met them before. Take a look and see which of these titles catches your eye.


Mighty Moth's debut title is a tale of overcoming odds and realising dreams. Mary is a young pilot who wishes to find her missing brother. Between the many islands on which her and the world's residents live lies a huge expanse of water, occupied by huge sea monsters willing to pluck her out of the sky. Initially her options are limited, but as she gathers resources, upgrades her plane, and unlocks other vehicles, she'll be able to travel further and take on the many threats that she'll encounter. The title will be coming to consoles at some point in the future.

Armoured Onslaught

Team Hot Stuff's upcoming title combines tower defence with a top-down shooter. Reactors spread throughout the world are the key to the survival of humanity, but enemies are trying to destroy them. As well as placing defences around the reactors to defend them, you'll take control of B.A.R.R.I., an armed Mech that's the most powerful weapon you have. Between its machine gun to chip away at an enemy's defences, the Beam Rifle with a more powerful charged shot, and the Static Shock Gun to temporarily disable enemies, you'll be able to take down anything that is thrown at you. As well as the game's campaign, there will be an endless survival mode for up to two players. The title will be coming to PlayStation 4 after it has been fully released on PC.


Bad North

Plausible Concept's minimalistic real-time strategy game puts players in charge of islanders trying to defend their homes from waves of viking invaders. Each of the procedurally-generated islands has a unique shape that could help or hinder your different units as they fend off the variety of enemies. You'll need to hold chokepoints, react quickly to new enemies, and retreat into buildings to replenish health and numbers. As you progress through the campaign, you'll need to gather resources and recruit more islanders to your cause. The hope is that one day, the islands will live in peace again. The title is coming to PlayStation 4 this summer.

Big Crown: Showdown

Hyper Luminal has teamed up with publisher Sold Out to bring their "competitive multiplayer brawler" to PlayStation 4 this summer. Up to four players compete locally and online through the medieval world for the grand prize of the crown. Through three worlds and over 15 courses, players need to avoid traps, all while attempting to knock their opponents off the course. Will you please the new king?

Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey

When Salix Games was showcasing their upcoming adventure title that tackles the legend of Jack The Ripper, London's Tobacco Dock, which is just a short walk from Whitechapel, couldn't have been a more appropriate location. It's 1888 and the infamous killer is still roaming the streets. It's up to Arthurian legends Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey to try and stop him from killing any more victims and save the city. The game may be coming to consoles in the future.


Not to be confused with Ruffian Games' doomed title of the same name, Red Kite Games' 2.5D action shooter does bear a bit of a resemblance to the aforementioned title. The world has been destroyed by a combination of global conflict and natural disasters. The old government powers have collapsed, leaving several Mega-Corps vying for power over the different continents. The Hollowpoints, 23rd Century mercenaries, are paid to fight on behalf of these Mega-Corps and complete high risk contracts. As you always work for the highest bidder, you could be supporting one company in one battle before trying to take them down in the next. The title may be coming to consoles in the future.

HyperBrawl Tournament

Milky Tea's upcoming sport brawler title pits players against each other in brutal matches of handball. The team's warriors must not only score goals, they'll need to take out their opponents with a variety of weapons as they aim to become the Galaxy's greatest hero. Each arena has obstacles that must also be overcome as players duke it out in 2v2 or 1v1 matches both online and locally. There will be a single player Galaxy League mode to help to hone your skills in addition to multiplayer modes. The title will be coming to PlayStation 4 this year.

MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures

Firefly Studios is known more for their Stronghold PC titles, but helmed by a smaller team, this title is different. The dungeon crawler allows players to switch between three different forms, as well as learning how to use the environment to their advantage to take down the hordes of undead enemies. Use the speed of the Rabbit, brute strength and size of the Ogre, or the fire skills of the Nymph to form the best strategies. You'll also need to collect and upgrade the spirits of fallen heroes to stand any chance of succeeding against the more difficult foes deeper into the dungeon. New morphs and new powers will be gained as you make your way towards the Butcher from whom you need to reclaim your dungeon. The title may be coming to consoles in the future.


Inspired by the tales of Kafka, players assume the role of a bug, who was formerly a human known by the name of Gregor Samsa. In Ovid Works' first-person adventure, players must travel through 1920s Prague, a place full of hazards, to rescue his human soul. Not only has the environment become a danger, you'll need to avoid vermin and the now giant humans, who have a certain dislike for bugs. Meanwhile, Gregor's friend Joseph K. has been arrested for reasons that are currently not known. You'll need to discover clues and solve environmental puzzles if you're to succeed. The title will be coming to PlayStation 4 in the future.


Hyper Games' co-op puzzler puts players in charge of shadowy characters tasked with taking a large glowing orb through a dangerous and pitch black world. Step outside of the light and you'll meet instant death as you merge into the shadows. To add more of a challenge, this also includes the pockets of shadow created by other objects, including your fellow players. The game was originally conceived as the entry to a one-week gamejam at the start of 2017. At the end of next year, the finished product will be making its way to PlayStation 4.


Coatsink's latest adventure physics puzzler draws inspiration from a variety of sources, such as Mario 3D World, Noby Noby Boy, Hohokum, Adventure Time and CatDog. Players take control of a pair of dogs, only they're connected via an elastic, gelatinous mid-section. Throughout the colourful worlds that consist of 30 levels, players will need to move the dogs in tandem, grabbing objects, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles as they attempt to satisfy the giant worm found at the end of each level, so that he'll move and allow them to progress. The title will be coming to unspecified platforms in 2019.

Winter Hall

Lost Forest's folk horror game puts players in the role of an archaeologist investigating an abandoned plague village near Winter Hall. Through your investigations, you uncover the history of some of the plague victims, but you also realise that your own history is tangled up with the Hall and its surroundings. As you dig deeper, you'll also embody other people from key moments in history, such as a herbalist and a priest from 1348, a 16th Century Witch, or an amateur detective from 1918. Each time you travel back in time, you'll solve puzzles that can change the past and unlock new stories to explore. The title may be coming to consoles in the future.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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