Poll: What's Your Position on PlayStation VR?

By Sam Quirke,
The results are in on last week's poll, where we asked which upcoming PlayStation exclusives you are most excited for. At the beginning of the week and with a recent release date reveal, Marvel's Spider-Man swung into an unsurprising lead, eventually earning 25% of the vote. Also unsurprisingly, God of War gave the web-slinger a run for his money by the end of the week following a slew of very positive early reviews for Kratos' Nordic outing, its eventual 23% share of the vote knocking The Last of Us Part II into third position with 20%. Other games near and far took fairly even slices of the hype-pie, except for poor old Dreams, which eventually scraped through with a single vote that we strongly suspect was posted out of pity.

This week, we're looking at the state of play for PlayStation VR some eighteen months on from its release.

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PlayStation VR is a little bit of an oddity when it comes to console accessories. While VR hasn't taken off completely on the console, it's hard to say that the hardware has been a flop either. Sony reported sales of 2 million units by the tail end of 2017, passing sales of other leading headsets in the third quarter of the year. But ultimately PlayStation is only leading a very niche market, and only a tiny fraction of PlayStation owners have a VR headset to go with the console.

Part of the problem for PSVR and VR in general is the development of a "killer app", a game that absolutely everyone wants to play and play in VR. The closest that PSVR has come is probably . Although the game was very well received, the problem remains that the game can be played easily without a VR headset. In recent months we have had the very pretty looking Moss, but once again it has failed to capture a significant audience share despite decent reviews. There is also the ever-present spectre of useability when it comes to headsets, whether that's a storage and set up issue or the fact that virtual reality still makes a significant amount of people feel unwell.

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The question is, how does the TrueTrophies community feel about the PlayStation VR headset? Have you played and enjoyed it? Have you dismissed it out of hand as soon as the marketing first surfaced? Or are you somewhere in the middle, waiting patiently for the price point to come down or the elusive "killer apps" to appear?

Have your say in the vote below, and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section at the foot of the page.
Where do you stand on PlayStation VR?
  • I own one and I use it often
  • I own one, but I don't use it often
  • I had one but got rid of it
  • I don't own one -- it's too expensive
  • I don't own one -- the current game selection isn't enough to sway me
  • I don't own one -- VR doesn't interest me
  • I don't own one -- for other reasons
We've had 144 responses.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
Sam has been a Newshound since 2016 and is now the Editor for both TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies. He loves gaming on all devices and in all genres. He remains a stubborn Assassin's Creed and Pokémon fan.
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