Little Dragons Cafe Gets an Adorable First Trailer

By Sam Quirke, 8 months ago
In case you missed it in our weekend announcements a couple of month's ago, the creator of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons Yasuhiro Wada is serving up a cute new treat in partnership with Aksys Games — Little Dragons Café.

In this adorable looking little game, a twin brother and sister must juggle with running a cafe, puzzling out the cause of their mother's mysterious slumber and look after a flaming dragon to boot. The player will have to nurture their dragon from the egg through careful and "empathetic" decision making as well as nutrition.

Little Dragons Café

On top of this, the twins can explore the world around the cafe in search of new ingredients, in order to expand their menu and the restaurant, attracting more customers to their growing business.

You mustn't neglect the customers you have though, as the game will expect you to cook and serve the dishes as well. You'll be able to converse with the regulars, even helping them with their troubles and increasing their happiness. As if these poor kids didn't have enough on their plate already...

Little Dragons Cafe is headed to PlayStation 4 at some point this summer.

We've got the full list of Little Dragons Café trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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