Call of Duty: WWII DLC Trailer Reveals Egypt Map

By NexusGrunt, 8 months ago
Whilst the actual arrival of the latest DLC pack on the Xbox One is still a few weeks away, Sledgehammer Games are still keen to let all players know what they can expect from the new content. We already know about Operation Husky and now the developers have revealed details about one of the new multiplayer maps to be included.

The War Machine

Sledgehammer Games have started a new series of videos entitled Map Briefings which aim to give players all the intel they need to know before going into battle. In this first episode, two lead members of the multiplayer development team give players the lowdown on the new Egypt map. The video shows off the map and some of the environment details and the developers reveal some of the best spots for battle and even reveal where you get a quite literal drop on unsuspecting opponents.

"The War Machine" DLC pack will arrive first on PlayStation 4 on April 10th.

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