Weekend Announcements March 30th-April 1st: Narcosis, Omensight and More

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
April Fools' Day is usually a time when developers and publishers don't make any real announcements for fear of not being believed. When you combine that with a long Easter weekend, it's unsurprising that we only have seven titles for you today. There's an alien invasion to thwart with animals, a diver stranded on a sea bed, an RPG set in an alternative post-Brexit Britain, a bid to prevent the end of the world, the means of escape from a dreary life, the interconnected tales of a fox and a human, and the chance to make your own music. Which of these titles will you be watching?

Animal Force

The first PlayStation VR title of the day, players must save Earth from an alien invasion. At your disposal is a squad of super powered animals that each have unique abilities. This tower defence game takes place in a 3D arena where enemies move throughout the play area and defences can be placed anywhere. Not only will you have to plan the perfect defence, you'll be able to pick up any of the animals and take part in the battle with them in real time. As well as the campaign, there will be a trio of multiplayer modes that support 2-4 players locally. The game is coming "soon".


An industrial diver is stranded on the sea floor. He has little light, few tools and an ever depleting supply of oxygen. This alone would be enough to push somebody into a blind panic, but when the flora and fauna on the seabed are also out to get you, your sanity is bound to suffer. The more you become stressed, the more oxygen you breathe in and the more sound, time and your surroundings become distorted. Will you ever reach the surface again? You'll find out when Honor Code's title arrives on PlayStation 4 on June 27th.

Not Tonight

Panic Barn's upcoming title is a "dark political comedy RPG". Set in an alternate dystopian Britain, Brexit talks have collapsed and the country is run by an extreme far-right government. European citizens have been rounded up and exiled. As one of those citizens, you now find yourself manning the doors of pubs, clubs, festivals and parties as the party culture hits fever pitch. You need to make sure that the revellers don't get unruly, manage guestlists, and check IDs if you want to earn a decent paycheck, which can be used to upgrade your apartment or perhaps even be the means to return to the city you once called home. Having teamed up with publisher No More Robots to bring the game to PlayStation 4, you can take your chances against the new rule later this year.


The creators of Stories: The Path of Destinies and Tiny Brains are back with their latest title, "an action-adventure murder mystery game". As The Harbinger, you'll become both a warrior and a judge as you attempt to prevent the destruction of the world of Urralia. You'll identify the people responsible for its downfall and understand the events that occurred along the way. By manipulating time and circumstances with the power of Omensight, will you prevent the inevitable catastrophe? The game gives you that chance when it comes to PlayStation 4 in the future.

Salary Man Escape

RAS' satirical physics puzzle game tasks players with assisting a disgruntled Salaryman to escape the drudgery of his life. By using PlayStation VR, players can manipulate blocks and platforms, reorganizing them to create a route that allows the Salaryman to reach the exit. You'll need to take into account weight, balance and force to be successful. The title will be arriving on May 23rd.

The First Tree

David Wehle has teamed up with DO Games to bring his narrative game to PlayStation 4. The game doesn't follow the story of just one character — it follows two. The first is a fox searching for her missing cubs, a journey that "crescendos at the source of life" and may just leave players with a better understanding of death. The second is that of a son who wishes to reconnect with his father in Alaska, yet somehow his story is interconnected with that of the fox. Along the way, players will find artifacts and uncover stories from the son's life as both he and the fox travel towards The First Tree. You'll help them make that journey when the game is released during the latter part of this year.

Track Lab

If you've ever dreamed of creating your own music despite having little musical talent, Little Chicken Game Company's PlayStation VR title might be for you. Players create music by placing blocks into a Track Lab grid, where lights pulse along the grid and transform the patterns players create into different sounds. Prisms can be used to divert, split and reflect the light to create loops and more complicated compositions. Creation Mode gives players complete free reign over their creations, whereas Evolver Mode offers some guidance. You'll be able to start composing your own beats when the title is released in the future.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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