Just Sing Servers Sign Off This June

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Server closures have become a fact of modern, online gaming. At the very least, we can always appreciate when developers give players a heads-up about impending closures. In this case, Ubisoft has announced Just Sing, a September 2016 title, will have its online features disabled in June. Just Sing has already been delisted from digital stores — although can still be found physically — so perhaps a server closure was not unexpected.

Just Sing 6

When servers go down, they often take trophies with them. In this case, our flagging system has singled out five Just Sing trophies that require online services, which will likely be discontinued when the servers shut down. Ubisoft said of the closure, "You will still be able to play songs from the base game and save your performances locally, but access to additional song packs and online features will not be possible anymore."

Just SingDebut!The Debut! trophy in Just Sing worth 22 pointsUpload your first performance

Just SingRadio StarThe Radio Star trophy in Just Sing worth 25 pointsUpload 5 performances

Just SingTV StarThe TV Star trophy in Just Sing worth 25 pointsUpload 10 performances

Just SingMovie StarThe Movie Star trophy in Just Sing worth 52 pointsUpload 20 performances

Just SingTheme MasterThe Theme Master trophy in Just Sing worth 50 pointsUpload 5 performances using 5 different themes directly from the Results menu

There also appears to be some sort of refund system in place. Those who have purchased song packs can contact Ubisoft "for compensation information." Head over to Ubisoft's official announcement for more information about compensation or the server closure.

Just Sing's servers will be shut down as of June 29th, 2018.

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