Mastiff Games Announces Four Titles

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Video game announcements are always some of the most interesting news in the industry, and here we have four. The four games are from developer Mastiff Games, who so far doesn't have too much of a library on PlayStation with the publisher only having brought us BandFuse: Rock Legends and the Heavy Fire franchise. The games have all been confirmed to launch for PlayStation 4 save for Home Sweet Home, which has been said to be coming to consoles but has not been confirmed for specific platforms yet. Let's take a look at the publisher's 2018 lineup.

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is "a 360° arcade style first-person shooter." Players will be equipped with a rocket launcher and machine gun but can also call in support with troops, aircraft and more. For PlayStation 4, the game will also have PlayStation VR compatibility. Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is expected to launch for PlayStation 4 in summer 2018.

Arcade Islands: Volume One

Arcade Islands: Volume One isn't one game; it's a compilation of 33 "easy to pick-up-and-play games." Players can "climb, run, jump, blast, rocket, outwit, and even putt [their] way across six exciting, colorful islands." There is up to four-player local competitive and cooperative play. Arcade Islands will launch for PlayStation 4 in summer 2018.

Pool Elite

We've had a surprising amount of pool games in the Xbox ecosystem lately, and Pool Elite will make one more. Mastiff calls Elite "the most comprehensive and hyper-realistic billiards experience to date." Players can compete versus AI, against friends locally or online and climb the leaderboards with the game's Elo ranking system. Those who need a break from pool can also jump into games of "8-Ball, 3 Cushion, Carom, 9-Ball, Snooker" and other mini games. Pool Elite will launch for PlayStation 4 in summer 2018.

Home Sweet Home

Lastly, the publisher will be launching Home Sweet Home, a "first-person Thai horror adventure" about one man's search for his wife. The story is inspired by Thai myths. Players will have no weapons and will instead have to think their way out of the dilemmas presented and also make use of "stealth and investigative skills." Home Sweet Home is expected on consoles in fall 2018.

In addition to the huge batch of screenshots for each game, Mastiff has promised to reveal more information about the four titles in the coming months.
Kelly Packard
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