Fox n Forests Gorgeous Gorge Gameplay

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Fox n Forests was announced to be coming to PlayStation 4 this spring. We're now into that time period, and while there's no sign of the game just yet, developer Bonus Level Entertainment did release a new gameplay video of level 1.2, Gorgeous Gorge.

Fox n Forests

Gorgeous Gorge is described as the "melancholic, maze-like mountain stage". In the game, Rick the fox can switch between different seasons, and he's seen swapping between the spring and autumn seasons to help him traverse the level. You'll also see him discover several of the level's secrets, although the developer promises that this was just the quickest route through the level and 80% of the secrets were left out of the video for players to find themselves. If you'd rather find everything yourself, though, you might want to skip the video.

If Fox n Forests hits its release window, you will be able to explore the level for yourself soon.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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