KILLING FLOOR 2's Infinite Onslaught Update Live

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
According to Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire Interactive, post-launch updates are a "top priority" for the developer. The team at Tripwire has just released the Infinite Onslaught update, which adds a new endless mode, new weapons, a new playable character, two new maps, two new trophies and more.

Tripwire describes the new endless mode as "relentless waves of Zeds that become increasingly crushing as more waves are defeated while The Patriarch takes over in the role as The Trader." Players can also enjoy three new weapons with the update: the MAC- 10 SMG, which first debuted in the original Killing Floor, the Husk Cannon, and AF2011-A1 pistol. The newest playable character is the D.A.R., or Domestic Assistant Robot, another KF1 favorite. The new content can be enjoyed in combination with two new maps, DieSector and the community-created Powercore.

In addition, check out the Vault for a bunch of new cosmetic items. There are also two new trophies to be earned thanks to the update:

Killing Floor 2Hobble BobbleThe Hobble Bobble trophy in Killing Floor 2 worth 53 pointsCollect all the items (D.A.R. Bobbleheads) on DieSector

Killing Floor 2Power Out!The Power Out! trophy in Killing Floor 2 worth 51 pointsCollect all the items (Batteries) on Power Core

The Infinite Onslaught update is live now for KILLING FLOOR 2.

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