All-Star Fruit Racing Announced

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Speed and customization are the name of the game in All-Star Fruit Racing, an upcoming kart racer announced by developer The game plays host to more than 20 courses and over 32,000 fruit-themed customization combinations.

All-Star Fruit Racing has both online and local multiplayer, and single-player. Players can test their skills against the AI in career mode, play with local friends in up to four-player splitscreen, or jump into eight-player online multiplayer. promises "some of the craziest racing tracks ever imagined" and different modes like "Dragster races, Hill Climbs, Elimination races and Time Attacks."

Instead of your usual power-up pickups, players will be tasked with filling up their car's juicer to release a power-up of their choosing. Depending on how much the juicer is filled up, a more or less powerful ability will be released. It might seem like a good idea to wait for the mega power-up, but perhaps releasing smaller power-ups throughout the race would have been a better idea.

All-Star Fruit Racing will launch for PlayStation 4 in July.

We've got the full list of All-Star Fruit Racing trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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