Far Cry 5 Procedural World Generation Details and Screens

By Luc1d, 9 months ago
A member of Ubisoft's art team has shared details of their use of procedural generation to create a stunning naturalistic environment and give Far Cry 5 the most realistic setting ever seen in the Far Cry Series. Etienne Carrier, Technical Artist at Ubisoft Montreal, also shared some beautiful screenshots in his Playstation Blog article.

Ubisoft utilised Houdini and Houdini Engine, tools normally used in the cinema industry for creating complex visual effects, to develop a procedural pipeline capable of imitating the natural glory of the Montana landscape. Hope County has its own artificial ecosystem of procedural tools that generate interlinked features such as vegetation and freshwater networks. They even went so far as linking which grasses grow to local terrain humidity and using a wind vector map to align grass assets.

The biomes system developed for Far Cry 5 simulates a variety of natural phenomena, including forests growing more thickly out of direct sunlight and grasslands thriving on exposed slopes. Each species of vegetation has its own growth condition requirements, and will fight for space in suitable areas. Plants used for crafting are generated through this system too, so players are advised to be observant of the environments in which they find useful plants.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27th.

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