New Hero Brigitte Now Available in Overwatch

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Three weeks ago, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the 27th Hero to be heading into their multiplayer FPS Overwatch. Now Brigitte is live and available for use in the game.

Brigitte carousel

Brigitte is a Support+ character who specialises in armour and defence. She'll throw Repair Packs to team mates in need of health and armour, or she can automatically heal nearby allies when she causes damage to opponents using her Flail. The Flail's wide swing makes it ideal for taking out multiple opponents, while her Whip Shot can stun enemies at long range. Her Barrier Shield ability gives her extra damage protection while she attacks opponents with her accompanying Shield Bash ability. Finally, her Rally ability offers long-lasting armour boosts to all of her allies, as well as a speed boost for her. You can see her in action in her trailer below.

As mentioned earlier, Brigitte is available in-game right now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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