HITMAN Spring Pack Offers Episode 2 for Free

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
If you've just played the free content that was available in HITMAN, you'll only have tried the first location in the game, ICA Facility, and possibly the first episode set in Paris, as this was available with the free "Holiday Pack" for a limited amount of time. Now that we're into spring, you may be interested to learn that there's a new free content pack on the PlayStation Store. This time, it's "Episode 2: Sapienza" that you'll be getting in the appropriately named "Spring Pack".

Spring Pack

The "Spring Pack" DLC includes everything from "Episode 2: Sapienza" and the ICA Facility location in the base game. You'll be able to play three Campaign missions, including the World of Tomorrow mission, as well as 12 Escalation Contracts, over 120 Challenges, Contracts Mode, and any future Elusive Targets that appear in Sapienza. Take a look at everything you get in the trailer below.

"HITMAN - Spring Pack" will be yours to keep permanently once you "purchase" it from the PlayStation Store, but don't wait too long to do this as the pack will only be available on the Store for a limited period of time.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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