SMITE's Birthday Week Brings Event and Console Patch 5.4

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
SMITE players are used to the MOBA's two-week patch cycle by now. New god Achilles launched with patch 5.3, and patch 5.4 is all about SMITE's birthday. There will be a lengthy in-game birthday event along with a celebration offering sales, worshiper and XP boosts, and more.

Although the game is a bit younger on consoles, SMITE's official PC launch was March 25th, 2014. Hi-Rez will be running an in-game, three-patch birthday event similar to the Ragnarok event. This is not to be confused with the week-long birthday event, which will have increased worshipers, experience and favor, free chests and more.

Just like Ragnarok, the SMITE birthday event will offer three bundles. If players purchase all three bundles, they'll receive a limited skin as a collection bonus, which in this case is the Jackal Tech Anubis skin. The first bundle retails for 900 gems regularly but is reduced to 675 during the 5.4 patch. The bundle includes the exclusive Basscannon Neith and Revenant Achilles skins, an Enigma Chest, an EDM music theme, and a key to unlock an Awesome Chest (which gives a guaranteed exclusive skin) after completing a few simple quests.

Other skin additions include the conclusion of the Ratatoskr skin set for the Da Ji and the Legend of the Foxes Adventure mode. Players can collect the Zenko Ratatoskr skin in the Fox Chest. If they've unlocked all three Ratatoskr skins — Zenko, Kitsune and Kage — they'll earn the Final Fusion skin. In addition, Beaky Chibi Thoth, Pixel Beast Cernunnos and Sylvan Sentinel Hou Yi are exclusive skins and will be going into chests.

Of course, there are always bug fixes and balance changes, which can be seen in greater detail in the official patch notes.

Moving onto the birthday celebration, players can enjoy increased bonuses, sales and more for the better part of a week. The event starts on March 20th, and there is something to look forward to every day:

  • Tuesday, March 20 – 3x Worshipers
  • Wednesday, March 21 – Voicepacks 50% off
  • Thursday, March 22 – Select direct purchase Avatars and Wards 50% off
  • Friday, March 23 – All FWOTD = Enigma Chest (earn up to 10 chests during this event!)
  • Saturday, March 24 – 2x Everything
  • Sunday, March 25 – 3 FWOTD = 90 Gems
  • Monday, March 26 – First FWOTD = Cutesy Avatar Chest
The 5.4 patch will release this week, although Hi-Rez has not yet confirmed the date. Tuesday, which would be March 20th, is the usual patch day, which is also when the birthday event begins.

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