Penny-Punching Princess Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 10 months ago
We have just picked up the trophy list for Penny-Punching Princess, which is developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Penny-Punching Princess Trophies page.

There are 44 trophies, none of which are secret:

Name Description
True Penny-Puncher [Arrival] Acquired all trophies.
Exec A, the Bird Dragon of the Castle [Scenario] Defeated Hawkragon.
Exec B, the Child-Rearing Snake of the Forest [Scenario] Defeated Naga King.
Exec C, the Ice Cave's Top Dog [Scenario] Defeated Ooze.
Exec D, the Fire Cave's Basilisk [Scenario] Defeated Ouroboros.
Top Exec, the Bomb Demon [Scenario] Defeated Dragon Bomber.
Dragoloan Boss [Scenario] Defeated Dragoloan.
Betrayed by Money [Scenario] Defeated Zenigami.
Money's Angry Wife [Scenario] Defeated Wifeykins.
The Beginning of the End [Scenario] Saw the ending.
The Kingdom's Great Revival! [Scenario] Saw the ending with over 1,000 citizens.
The Princess' Golden Path [Scenario] Cleared the Golden Dungeon.
Bona Fide Giant Killer [Technical] Defeated first large monster.
Everyone's Got a Price! [Technical] Bribed first large monster.
Want Some Golden Candy? [Technical] Bribed first medium monster.
Have Some Chump Change, Chump! [Technical] Bribed first small monster.
Money Is More Important Than Life [Technical] Activated first Coin Miracle.
When it Comes to Miracles, You Get What You Pay For!!! [Technical] Activated all Coin Miracles.
Princess! What a Great Combo! [Technical] Achieved 30 Breaks with Princess.
My Combos Aren't Too Shabby... [Technical] Achieved 30 Breaks with Isabella.
Got Dragon Problems? Call the Experts! [Slay] Defeated 100 dragon-type monsters.
Making the Undead Re-Dead [Slay] Defeated 100 undead-type monsters.
Don't Look at Me, I'm a Monster! [Slay] Defeated 100 human-type monsters.
I'm Banzai for Bonsai! [Slay] Defeated 100 plant-type monsters.
This Beauty Don't Need No Beasts! [Slay] Defeated 100 beast-type monsters.
Like 100 Moths to 100 Flames! [Slay] Defeated 100 insect-type monsters.
That's a Net Weight of 100 Tons [Slay] Defeated 25 Fat Dragons.
That's Some Shiny Armor [Slay] Defeated 25 Dragon Swordsmen.
Size Isn't Everything [Slay] Defeated 25 Dragon Zombies.
Money Makes the World Go Round [Collect] Accumulated 10,000,000 G.
Even Dragons Bend to the Power of Money [Collect] Bribed 50 dragon-type monsters.
They May Have Cheated Death, But They Can't Cheat Taxes [Collect] Bribed 50 undead-type monsters.
Humans Are Simple... [Collect] Bribed 50 human-type monsters.
You're Gonna Buy a Palm Tree in the Sand? [Collect] Bribed 50 plant-type monsters.
Money Turns Tigers into Kittens [Collect] Bribed 50 beast-type monsters.
Now this is a Scarab Beetle [Collect] Bribed 50 insect-type monsters.
A Trident for a Devil [Collect] Acquired all equipment.
Princess Gets All the Treasure [Collect] Acquired all Zenigami statues from treasure chests.
Princess Has Followers Around the World [Collect] Bribed all types of monsters.
Su Casa Es the Princess' Casa [Collect] Bribed all relics.
It's Got an Uncanny Resemblance [Collect] Created all types of Zenigami statues in the Workshop.
This Is a Job for Super Princess [Strengthen] Acquired first skill.
It's Super Super Princess [Strengthen] Fully strengthened Princess.
It's Super Isabella [Strengthen] Fully strengthened Isabella.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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