World of Tanks March Madness Events

By Luc1d,
March Madness has taken over World of Tanks. A new Premium Hero and special rewards are available, and a Tank Madness tournament runs until the end of the month.

Premium Hero - Banshee Comet

Introducing an Irish theme, a new Premium Hero called the Banshee Comet will be available until April 2nd. The Banshee Comet is a highly mobile unit that combines pinpoint precision with devastating impact.

World of Tanks - The Luck of the Irish Op screen 3

Tank Madness Tournament

An online Tank Madness tournament will be raging every weekend until the end of the month. Competitors from eight nations will take part in single eliminations and team-based competitions until the Final IV tournament pits the victors from previous brackets against one another. Players who join the fray can win Premium time, Silver currency and access to special Ops.

World of Tanks - The Luck of the Irish Op screen 2

World of Tanks' March Madness events will be running for the rest of the month.

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