Far Cry 5's Latest Live Action Trailer Gives a Sermon

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
In just a few more days, players will have their hands on Far Cry 5, so it's only fitting that promotion for the game is stepped up. The result is not one but three new trailers for you to see. There's the latest live action trailer, an interview with the actor who plays the role of Joseph Seed, and a further explanation of the game's rewritten Bill of Rights.

The Cult

First up is a trailer called The Sermon. The live action trailer looks at what happens when good intentions turn into oppression. The new Father must keep his followers on the right path, but does the end really justify the means?

The next trailer is an interview with Greg Bryk, the actor who plays the game's lead villain Joseph Seed. Found out more about how he prepared for the role and his perspective on the reviled character.

Several days ago the game rewrote the Bill of Rights. The final trailer goes into more detail on some of the new laws. Bear in mind that this trailer contains some language that isn't suitable for work. A tamer version of the trailer can be found here.

You can form your own opinion of Joseph Seed in just a few days time when the game is released on March 27th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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