Fortnite Update Adds Supply Llamas and Remote Explosives

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
The speed with which Epic Games adds Fortnite content has made it a smash hit with fans (including Drake, if you somehow managed to miss that). Another update has gone live for both the game's Battle Royale and Save the World modes, this one adding remote explosives, supply llamas and holiday-themed content.

On the Battle Royale side of things is where you'll find the remote explosives and supply llamas. Remote explosives are just as they sound: place the explosives and hit the detonate button to make a players' structure, or the player themselves, go boom.

Supply llamas are new lootable objects like chests that are "extremely rare." Only three are spawned per match, so if you find one of these loot-filled llamas, consider yourself lucky. Supply llamas contain 500 wood, stone and metal materials, 10 stacks of every ammo type, and three traps and consumables.

Included with the patch but not to be activated until March 19th is the new Blitz mode. Fortnite has seen success with their off-modes like 50 vs. 50 and five teams of 20, and this looks to be more of the same. Speed is the name of the game. Faster-closing circles in Blitz will result in games that are 15 minutes maximum. Loot spawns and the availability of shield and health items have been adjusted to fit the shorter match, which can be reviewed in the official patch notes.


Over in the Save the World section of Fortnite, players will find the St. Patricks-themed Luck of the Storm quest line and the Shamrock Reclaimer Outlander hero who can "charge abilities by defeating enemies and be the lucky charm we’ve always needed." There have been a number of balance changes and bug fixes as well, which can be seen in the official patch notes.


The patch is live now for Fortnite. Remember, if you're interested in the new Blitz mode, it won't be live until March 19th even though the content is included in this patch.

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