Insurgency: Sandstorm Alpha Screenshots

By Ethan Anderson, 9 months ago
Some new screenshots have just been released for the upcoming Insurgency: Sandstorm. Sandstorm will be the first game in the series to appear on console, and these screenshots are taken from alpha gameplay.

The Insurgency series is known for its realism by way of simulation gameplay. HUD elements, such as kill feeds, health bars, crosshairs, and bullet counts, are nowhere to be found. On top of this, health does not regenerate and players are always one or two well-placed shots away from death. Hitting an enemy once or twice may sound simple, but each weapon has its own ballistic calculations that consider bullet travel time, penetration power, and bullet drop.

There can be a lot to learn for players who are new to the series, but Sandstorm will also have features that will be new for returning players. These features include drivable light vehicles, fire support mechanics, weapon customisation, character customisation, and competitive matchmaking.

Both new and returning players will be able to play Insurgency: Sandstorm when it launches later this year.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Insurgency: Sandstorm trophies.
Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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