Far Cry 5 Videos: The New Map Editor and Cult of Personality

By Luc1d, 9 months ago
Ubisoft has released a couple of new Far Cry 5 videos, looking at their new map editor and demonstrating the disturbingly good casting of Greg Bryk as cult leader Joseph Seed.

The Cult

"The New Map Editor" brings together a group of prolific map-builders to try out the tools available in Far Cry Arcade.

"Cult of Personality" focuses on The Father, leader of the Project at Eden's Gate cult and played by Greg Bryk. According to Bryk, Joseph Seed isn't a villain so much as someone who's certain he's right, and "sometimes when you're right you have to force even the people you love to choose the right path". So when you encounter The Father later this month, just remember that he's coming from a place of love no matter how much it hurts.

Far Cry 5 will launch on March 27th.

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Written by Luc1d
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