SMITE Console Gets Triple Everything Weekend Following 5.3 Patch and Hot Fix

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
It's been a rough week for SMITE console. Patch 5.3: Hero of the Trojan War launched, but Achilles was unplayable at first, and the patch came with a heap of other bugs and issues. A hot fix was released a couple days later to clear up the problems. Then, Hi-Rez apologized for the issues with a Triple Everything Weekend exclusively for console players.

Of course, Achilles is the highlight of the patch. He's a new Warrior and is considered quite strong. If you find him overpowered, don't worry; he's already scheduled to get nerfs in the upcoming 5.4 patch.


Aside from Achilles, the rest of the patch is pretty small. The most standout thing for console players is the addition of full VGS, or SMITE's Voice Guided System, button combinations that amount to audible call-outs for your teammates, such as "Enemies behind us!" or "Help!" Prior to the 5.3 patch, console users were working with a limited number of VGS compared to the PC version; the 5.3 patch has opened up every command to console players. If you need some help memorizing the new commands, Hi-Rez created a cheat sheet here.

On the side of skins, there are a few new ones. Of course, there is the default Achilles skin and his recolor, Myrmidon Achilles. Kage Ratatoskr can be obtained through the Fox Chest from the Da Ji and the Legend of the Foxes Adventure event. Abyssal Warrior Sun Wukong, Playful Bunny Nu Wa, Countess Chang'e and Pot o' Gold Fafnir are exclusive skins and have gone into chests.

If you'd like to see the finer balance tunings and other changes, head over to the official site here. Following the 5.3 patch, a small hot fix was released yesterday that fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to level abilities with the Skills menu(Up on the D-PAD)
  • Fixed an issue where Announcer Packs were not playing properly
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be granted Fox Chests after reaching 9000 Fox Points
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a state where they can not navigate the menu after creating a new account

There are also a few known issues of which to be aware:

  • A purchase error may appear after purchasing or opening a Fox Chest. This is only a visual error and players will receive their items as normal.
  • Players Fox Chest total shows the wrong amount on the Adventures page. The correct Fox Chest total is shown on the Legend of the Foxes progress page.
  • When unlocking the Kage Ratatoskr Skin a check mark is displayed over the Zenko Skin.
Finally, console players can enjoy the Triple Everything Weekend, which is live now and triples worshipers, experience and favor, until Monday, March 12th at 5 a.m. ET.

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