When the "Apocalypse" DLC was released for Battlefield 1, it was accompanied by lag and other performance issues for many players because of the additional strain on the game's tracking system. This resulted in the release of an emergency update to fix the problems. As an apology for these issues, EA has announced that players will each receive a Superior Battlepack and 1000 Scraps to thank them for their patience.

Apocalypse artwork

All that players will need to do is to log in and play a round of the game. After this, the Superior Battlepack and 1000 Scraps will be added to your inventory. Unfortunately there are still problems that are persisting in the game. The team is aware of the bug in the Customize Soldier part of the main menu where all player unlocks appear to be locked and progress has seemingly been reset. This is not the case and your progress is intact, but players are only able to customise their soldier in-game while on a server. Additional weapons can be purchased in the "Weapons & Gadgets" menu. The team is currently looking into a fix for this too and will provide additional information once they've solved the problem.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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