For Honor Dedicated Servers Available Today

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Last month, PC players got dedicated servers in For Honor, introduced as part of the game's fifth season. Alongside the dedicated servers, the fifth season introduced "major" updates for Heroes and fights, and a special event, as well as promising new training modes to arrive later in the season. Console players had already received the updates and special event, but not the dedicated servers. Fortunately, those are arriving for PlayStation 4 players today.

For Honor Frost Wind Festival screenshot

The aim of the dedicated servers is to improve matchmaking and the game's online stability across all of the PvP modes. Over the last few weeks, dedicated servers have completely eliminated resyncs and host migrations for PC players. Match completion rates have also improved. The benefits of PC players getting the dedicated servers first is that Ubisoft Montreal has already launched updates to improve the performance of the servers on that platform. PlayStation 4 players will receive those improvements today too.

The dedicated servers will be switched on today, March 6th, after server maintenance has been completed. This is due to begin at 2:00PM GMT / 9:00AM EST.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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