City of the Shroud: Definitive Edition Announced

By Luc1d,
Abyssal Arts has announced plans for a console release of real-time tactical RPG City of the Shroud: Definitive Edition, based on their community-driven Steam game of the same name.

City of the Shroud will initially be released episodically in four player-driven chapters on Steam later this year. The game is partly a social experiment, as the choices of the community will influence the writing of subsequent chapters. After the story is complete, the developer will tweak it to suit a conventional single-player narrative, updating the Steam version and porting the game to consoles as City of the Shroud: Definitive Edition.

The lead writer of City of the Shroud is author Moira Katson (Light & Shadow trilogy), with input from the aforementioned player community. While it's impossible at this stage to know exactly how the story will turn out, this is how it starts:

Somewhere along the way, you made a huge mistake.

You got to the city. You bribed the customs agent to get in. You helped a poor, old haberdasher who was being robbed - the only decent thing to do, really - and then this monster from another dimension came out of nowhere.

It was almost dead already when you punched it and it fell over. You keep telling everyone that.

Except, now they’re calling you the Hero of Portals, the five most powerful people in the city are each clamoring for your allegiance, and just when you’re starting to think of leaving the city for good....

...a magical shroud descends around the city and traps everyone inside. Next thing you know, the place is devolving into civil war, there are monsters everywhere, and apparently, you’re the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Yeah, you definitely messed up somewhere.

Good luck.
The combat system of City of the Shroud: Definitive Edition draws inspiration from both tactical RPGs and fighting games. It features real-time combat using a Combo Wheel to activate and chain special abilities. Players won't have to worry about remembering all their abilities and combos while in combat, as the Combo Wheel gives easy visual cues to make it easier to choose the right attack for the situation. Considerable thought has gone into adapting the combat system for controllers. Console players will be able to move and swap characters and open the Combo Wheel using just four buttons, with the left stick used to make selections from the Combo Wheel.

City of the Shroud: Definitive Edition is expected to reach consoles in late 2019.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the City of the Shroud: Definitive Edition trophies.
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