Detroit: Become Human Dated

By Ethan Anderson, 9 months ago
Quantic Dream's android-focused thriller Detroit: Become Human has just received a release date. The developer has stated that this game is their "most ambitious title to date", and you will be able to play it when it launches on May 25th.

In Detroit: Become Human you play as three androids who have begun to feel emotions, even though they are machines designed to serve humans without question. These androids are Connor, Kara, and Markus. Connor was designed to help with investigations involving androids and Kara becomes a fugitive for trying to save a young girl. Certain circumstances will cause Markus to be the leader of the android revolution.

Story threads in Detroit: Become Human can vary greatly from person to person depending on the choices that are made. There are entire scenes that can be missed altogether depending on actions taken. Quantic Dream explains that players must be careful, though, because the three main characters, along with various side characters, may die at any time. The developer also states that the game will include many topics that can be considered taboo or inappropriate for video games, but they look forward to seeing players' reactions to these sensitive subjects.

Build your own story when Detroit: Become Human launches this spring.

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Written by Ethan Anderson
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