Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Update Adds Arena Mode

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Card game aficionados are no stranger to Arena modes. From Hearthstone to Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics and more, Arena modes let players make a deck on the fly from randomly selected cards before testing their creation against an opponent's Arena deck. Arena mode has finally arrived for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game in its latest update.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Similar to other Arena modes, players must spend a special currency only accepted at the Arena to be able to test their wits. Mirror shards, Gwent's Arena currency, can be purchased with in-game currency or real money. Any players who log in before March 7th will receive three free shards, so be sure to take advantage of the freebies. Once inside, decks will be built using the following rules:

Decks in Arena follow their own set of rules, separate from other game modes. When building your army, you can use cards from all playable factions, and as many copies of a single card as you wish. You are able to add a total of 26 cards to your deck (each chosen out of 4 random cards from GWENT’s entire collection), and a Leader.

Players' Arena runs will end when they win nine games or lose three, whichever comes first. Victors will be rewarded generously with increasing bonuses for more wins, but those who aren't up to snuff with likely be disappointed.

Arena mode is live now in Gwent. Arena also released alongside a full patch, the details of which can be reviewed here.

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